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Mirror List

By punkytse - Posted on 30 March 2006

Voyage mirrors are sponsored and maintained by volunteers, so if you are in a position to donate disk space and connectivity, create a mirror and make Voyage Linux more accessible in your region.

We are now looking for mirror sponsors from the following regions:

  • Asia (Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc.)
  • Africa (South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, etc.)

Contact mirror (at) voyage (dot) hk or read this instruction on setting up a Voyage mirror and for more information on how to mirror, when to mirror and more.

Master Mirror

Primary Mirror



North America:

The mirror contains two parts, the download and voyage apt-repository.
For distro download:

http://<mirror URL>/download/voyage

To use mirror apt-repository, just switch to:

deb http://<mirror URL>/dists/unstable ./

Donation via PayPal

Donate to express appreciation and encourage further work on this project:

- credit card/PayPal balance

(Your donation will be shown as payment.)