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Mirror Instruction

By punkytse - Posted on 11 February 2010

Mirroring Voyage

1. Contact mirror (at) voyage (dot) hk for mirroring request, you will receive
   a script call voyage-mirror.  Change the script to executable (chmod +x).

2. Execute voyage-mirror script, it will call rsync to download files from:
   make sure you have right permission to this directory

3. voyage-mirror script is also in /var/www/voyage-mirror.  You can use this 
   script for mirroring afterall.

4. Setup cronjob to run voyage-mirror script. Set it to run at most twice a 

5. There are two directories at the moment:
   - dists : voyage apt repository
   - download : distro download and others

6. Now, you create virtual host in apache and set DocumentRoot to this 
   directory, so that everyone is able to see it.

7. For question and problems, please send email to 
	mirror (at) voyage (dot) hk

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