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Voyage ONE

By punkytse - Posted on 12 February 2010

Voyage ONE is an enhanced edition of Voyage Linux. It aims at providing VoIP functionality via Asterisk for embedded x86 platform.

We now announce the discontinued development of Voyage ONE. Throughout the years since Voyage ONE was released in 2009, it fails to generate significant interest. 0.8.5 marks the last release for Voyage ONE.

Latest versions

Older versions:

Installation shall follow the existing getting start guide / Live CD getting start guide

Voyage ONE integrates the following software:

  • Asterisk
  • dahdi 2.6.1 (formerly zaptel)

To access asterisk-gui,

    http://<voyage IP>:8088
    username: admin
    password: voyage

Older Voyage ONE version could be found here.

We would like hear your comments about Voyage ONE and discuss its possibilities. Please post your feedback to the community mailing-list.

Donation via PayPal

Donate to express appreciation and encourage further work on this project:

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