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By punkytse - Posted on 19 February 2009

The SDK provides development tools and libraries needed to build Voyage Linux distro, Live CD, Debian package and the kernel.

Download and Installing SDK Live CD

The easiest way to develop and customize Voyage Linux is using the SDK Live CD. The SDK Live CD is available for download in this directory or from mirror sites.

To install, follows Voyage Linux's getting start guide for detailed instructions.

If you are using Windows workstation, you are advised to installed the SDK to VMWare, VirtualBox or QEMU.

Building Voyage Linux using SDK or Debian Live

Starting from 0.6.0, Voyage Linux is built by Debian Live. You can find
the subversion repository for Debian Live config in:

Getting start to build Voyage Linux using Voyage SDK. If you are not using Voyage SDK, you need a Debian GNU/Linux system with live-build package installed. Check out a copy of Debian Live configuration from subversion repository and build the Voyage Linux by:

# svn co voyage-live
# cd voyage-live
# ./ iso 	<= this will build the Live CD
# ./ tar 	<= this will build .tar.bz2 distro
# ./ sdk 	<= this will build sdk Live CD

For customizing Voyage Live for your own need, please refer to Debian Live Wiki and manual.

Development (0.5 or before)

For 0.5 or before, the old CVS repository can be accssed at:

For more on how to make a customization disto, please read:



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