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Voyage Linux is Debian derived distribution that is best run on a x86 embedded platforms such as PC Engines ALIX/WRAP, Soekris 45xx/48xx/65xx and Atom-based boards.

It can also run on low-end x86 PC platforms. Typical installation requires 256MB disk space, although larger storage allows more packages to be installed. Voyage Linux is so small that it is best suitable for running a full-feature firewall, wireless access point, Asterisk/VoIP gateway, music player or network storage device.

“Voyage is a very stripped-down Debian Linux … With Voyage you have the entire world of Debian available to you, so customizing your own gear is easy. It's great for firewalls and routers, and specialized servers that need a small footprint.”
-- Carla Schroder, author of Linux Networking Cookbook [source]

Currently, Voyage Linux has the following editions:

Except Voyage MuBox, all editions are delivered as distribution tarball and Live CD in i386 architecture. AMD64 architecture is avaialble for Voyage Linux only. We also offer SDK to ease customizing Voyage Linux.

To broaden the use of Voyage Linux, Voyage Linux community is now looking for generous donation and sponsorship of x86 embedded boards and USB Audio Class 2 DAC/audio converters. If you are hardware vendor or ISP and your customers are asking for supporting Voyage Linux in your hardware, please send your hardware to us for certification and testing. Contact us for more details.

For questions and support, please join our mailing list.

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Voyage Linux and MPD 0.11.0 (silently) released

We announced the availability of Voyage Linux and MPD 0.11.0 today. This release was actually prepared in Jan 2017. Kernel is now updated to 4.1 series. Please note that this release did very limited tests so thing may break.

Release highlights:
- 4.1.6 kernel (-rt for MPD)
- Jessie 8.7
- MPD 0.19.12
- support APU2 board and leds

There is no plan on Stretch-based release on Voyage Linux and MPD.

Voyage Linux 0.10.0 released

Voyage Linux 0.10.0 with Debian 8.0 Jessie is finally released today. Kernel is now updated to 3.16 series. This release is still using sysvinit as the system and service manager instead of systemd in jessie default installation.

All Voyage Linux users please note that the release cycle of Voyage Linux would be longer in the next releases, at 6-9 months for a new release. Nevertheless, there are still some planned enhancements in the pipeline, e.g. linux kernel 4.0, grub2 and EFI support.

Voyage MPD 0.10.0 released

We are pleased to announce a new release of Voyage MPD[1] 0.10.0 release.

voyage-mpd-0.10.0.tar.bz2 [2015-05-01] [Live CD]

This release is based on Voyage Linux 0.10.0 with Debian 8.0, which was released on 26 Apr 2015 . See ChangeLog[2] for more information about changes in 0.10.0 release. In this release, kernel continues to use 3.14.12 real-time kernel but MPD version is updated to 0.19.9. This version also added AirPlay supoprt via the pre-installed shairport daemon.

For more information about Voyage MPD, please visit:
[1] Voyage MPD -
[2] ChangeLog - 0.10.0 Change Log

Daily is now Debian Jessie

As Debian Jessie 8.0 has been frozen since last Nov [1] [2], Voyage Linux and MPD daily built is now changed to Jessie. In addition, distribution tarball is now with extension .tar.xz, instead of .tar.bz2, to opt for higher compression rate.

A new Voyage Linux and MPD will be released soon after Jessie is released. While there is no official release date for Jessie, please stay tuned.

Please join us to test Voyage Linux daily based on Jessie. Thanks.

[1] -
[2] -

New Donation of Hifiberry DAC+ and Announcement of Raspberry Pi port

We are pleased to announced that HifiBerry has donated a DAC+ high-resolution digital-to-analog converter to Voyage Linux community.

Apart from this donation, today we also announce the kick-off of Voyage Mubox porting to Raspberry Pi. This project not only aims at running MuBox on Raspberry Pi, but also provide seamlessly integration of Voyage MuBox, Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry DAC. As an initial proof of concept, we target to port MuBox to RPi B+ board with HifiBerry DAC+.

You can find more information about HifiBerry and their products here.

Once again, we would like to express our warmest thank you to Hifiberry for their generous donation.

Special Thanks to Yawarra Tiny Computers

Over the past few months, Voyage Linux community received regular donations from Yawarra Tiny Computers (Yawarra).

Yawarra donates to Voyage Linux Community on behalf of their newsletter subscribers who stay on their list for a minimum of three months to qualify for the donation. Up until this month, Yawarra had made their 4th donation.

We would like to express our warmest thank you to Yawarra for their generous donation and support. It is not about the amount of money donated, but the support to the community through any form of donation is crucial to encourage continuation of the project.

To know more about Yawarra Tiny Computers, please visit their web site.

Voyage 0.9.5 released

It has been a long time not updating Voyage Linux. It is time to announce Voyage Linux 0.9.5, which upgrades to Debian "Wheezy" 7.7 with 3.14.12 kernel.

PCEngines' APU board is well tested. However, we don't have enough time and resource to test on the old ALIX boards. Hence, your feedback and report on ALIX board is very important to us.

Voyage MPD 0.9.5 released

We are pleased to announce a new release of Voyage MPD[1] 0.9.5 release.

voyage-mpd-0.9.5.tar.bz2 [2014-11-11] [Live CD]

This release is based on Voyage Linux 0.9.5 with Debian 7.7. See ChangeLog[2] for more information about changes in 0.9.5 release. In this release, we fallback MPD version from 0.18 to 0.17.6. Most of the users reported that this 0.17 version sounds better than the newer 0.18. In addition, this release also uses real-time kernel to reduce jitters when playback music.

For more information about Voyage MPD, please visit:
[1] Voyage MPD -
[2] ChangeLog - 0.9.5 Change Log
[3] Report to us -

Voyage 0.9.2 released

We are pleased to announce a new release of Voyage Linux 0.9.2, which upgrades to 3.10.11 kernel and is based on Debian "Wheezy" 7.3.

One noticeable change is that legacy PATA drivers were now replaced by libata ones. User will now see disk device as /dev/sdX instead of /dev/hdX. Please test this release and report any problems and issues in our mailing list. Your support is crucial and encourages us to deliver Voyage Linux releases on regular basis in future.

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