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About Voyage Linux

By punkytse - Posted on 06 January 2006

Voyage Linux is Debian derived distribution that is best run on a x86 embedded platforms such as PC Engines ALIX/WRAP, Soekris 45xx/48xx/65xx and Atom-based boards.

It can also run on low-end x86 PC platforms. Typical installation requires 256MB disk space, although larger storage allows more packages to be installed. Voyage Linux is so small that it is best suitable for running a full-feature firewall, wireless access point, Asterisk/VoIP gateway, music player or network storage device.

“Voyage is a very stripped-down Debian Linux … With Voyage you have the entire world of Debian available to you, so customizing your own gear is easy. It's great for firewalls and routers, and specialized servers that need a small footprint.”
-- Carla Schroder, author of Linux Networking Cookbook [source]

Currently, Voyage Linux has the following editions:

Except Voyage MuBox, all editions are delivered as distribution tarball and Live CD in i386 architecture. AMD64 architecture is avaialble for Voyage Linux only. We also offer SDK to ease customizing Voyage Linux.

To broaden the use of Voyage Linux, Voyage Linux community is now looking for generous donation and sponsorship of x86 embedded boards and USB Audio Class 2 DAC/audio converters. If you are hardware vendor or ISP and your customers are asking for supporting Voyage Linux in your hardware, please send your hardware to us for certification and testing. Contact us for more details.

For questions and support, please join our mailing list.

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