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Voyage MPD 0.9.1 released

By punkytse - Posted on 20 June 2013

We are pleased to announce a new release of Voyage MPD[1] 0.9.1 release.

voyage-mpd-0.9.1.tar.bz2 [2013-06-20] [Live CD]

This release is based on Voyage Linux 0.9.1 with Debian 7.1. See ChangeLog[2] for more information about changes in 0.9.1 release.

Unsupported hiface and mytek drivers:

Hiface driver could be installed separately from .deb package.

Mytek driver could be installed separately from .deb package. See FIRMWARE to install firmware. See also ISSUES for known issue and probably a workaround script.

We don't have the hiface and mytek hardward to test, but please report us if the drivers works or not. In addition, we don't commit for long-term support of hiface and mytek drivers in future releases.

For more information about Voyage MPD, please visit:
[1] Voyage MPD -
[2] ChangeLog - 0.9.1 Change Log

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