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Various Donations Received

By punkytse - Posted on 05 November 2013

Over the past few months, Voyage Linux community received various donations from different parties. After a busy month, it is a right time to announce these donations.

Kevin Li personally sponsored a BeagleBone Black board via cash donation for porting Voyage MuBox to this ARM platform. The work is now completed in Voyage MuBox project [1].

Squeeze-upgrade [2] donated two linear power supplies. Linear power supply is known to improve sound quality of streaming audio devices, D/A converters and mini-pcs. The donation is used to certify Squeeze-upgrade products on ALIX boards and other ARM-based platforms like CuBox, etc. Certification of Squeeze-upgrade's linear PSUs is underway. We will publish another certification report in a separate announcement.

SolidRun donated a CuBox-i [3] Carrier-1 development board to the community. Their donation enables us to start the porting work of upcoming CuBox-i products.

Last but not least, PC Engines [4] provided the community a free sample of the next-generation embedded PC board. This donation helps us porting Voyage Linux to this board well before full production run. At the time of this announcement, this board is now supported in the daily build.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to Kevin Li, Squeeze-upgrade, SolidRun and PC Engines for their generous donation.

[1] BeagleBone Black and MuBox :
[2] Squeeze-upgrade :
[3] Cubox-i:
[4] PC Engines :

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