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New Donation from SolidRun

By punkytse - Posted on 21 June 2013

We are pleased to announced that SolidRun has donated a CuBox development unit to Voyage Linux community. Their donation enables us to explore the porting of Voyage Linux and MPD to CuBox platform.

At the time of writing this announcement, Voyage MPD has been successfully ported to CuBox platform with only 2-3 days effort. Although it is still in initial testing phase, we are now planning a new initiative on CuBox. Please stay tuned.

You can find more information about CuBox here

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to SolidRun for their generous donation.

Debian GNU/Linux 7 voyage ttyS0

voyage login: root
Last login: Fri Jun 21 05:11:36 GMT 2013 on ttyS0
Linux voyage 3.6.9-00797-g0d7ee41 #179 PREEMPT Tue Jun 18 20:29:40 IDT 2013 armv7l

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
 __  __
 \ \/ /___ __  __ ___  ___  ___    Useful Commands:
  \  // _ \\ \/ /,-_ |/ _ |/ -_)     remountrw - mount disk as read-write
   \/ \___/ \  / \___,\_  |\___|     remountro - mount disk as read-only
           _/_/        _'_| - remove all docs and manpages
     { V o y a g e } - L i n u x
      < >   Version: 0.9 (Build Date 20130621)


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