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Known Issue in Voyage 0.4.1 with ALIX.2/3b boards

By punkytse - Posted on 24 September 2007

It has been identified that Voyage 0.4.1 cannot be booted successfully on ALIX.2/3b board with BIOS version 0.22.

Problem description:
Voyage 0.4.1 kernel has in-kernel, geode-specific codes that enables the multi-purpose general function timer (mfgpt), which is required for the watchdog driver. The kernel code works properly on Alix.1c board. However, the same piece of code does not work on Alix.2b and 3b.

There are three workarounds.
1. Use Voyage 0.4.0 instead of 0.4.1
2. Wait for the BIOS update of ALIX 2/3b for full support of mfgpt. [update: it requires 0.94 or later TinyBIOS]
3. Use ALIX.1c instead of ALIX.2/3b board for running Voyage Linux 0.4.1.

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