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Voyage Linux Experimental Release based on Debian Lenny

After a long Olympic break, we are pleased to announce a new Voyage Linux experimental release that is now based on Debian Lenny, which is scheduled to roll out in the coming months. On-going development effort is now spent to put a final mark towards Voyage Linux 0.6.

This release is NOT for production use.

This experimental and upcoming VL 0.6 is built by Debian Live framework. Currently, it does not support disk persistency. All changes to the file systems would be lost after reboot. In addition, the Live CD cannot work as PXE server for netboot install. All of these issues will be addressed in the final VL 0.6.

[2008-10-02 update] Both disk persistency and PXE support in Live CD have been resolved. We suggest that users planning to use VL 0.6 should start testing it now, and report any bugs and your feedback.

To recap, most notable changes in VL 0.6 are:

  1. no more /rw and /ro. They are replaced by aufs, for /var/log and /var/tmp
  2. based on (to-be-released) Debian Lenny
  3. 2.6.26 kernel

Regression tests is just started and feature request backlog in wiki is now being processed. Even though Debian Lenny has not been official released, VL 0.6.0 should be ready in the next few weeks and is served as a test drive. VL 0.6.1 is planned at the same time Debian Lenny is release.

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Voyage Linux 0.5.2 released

0.5.2 is released for upgrading wireless-tools to version 29.

voyage-0.5.2.tar.bz2 [2008-06-29] [Live CD] [README] [CHANGELOG]

This is a minor fix that upgrading wireless-tools to version 29 will get rid of incompatibility complains between wireless drivers and wireless tools. This release also cosmetic upgrades madwifi module package to version 5.0-2.

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Voyage Linux 0.5.1 released

Finally, 0.5.1 is released and is promoted to stable.

voyage-0.5.1.tar.bz2 [2008-06-23] [Live CD] [README] [CHANGELOG]

Voyage Linux 0.5.1 stays with 2.6.23 kernel with some additions module support. It also enables LED drivers for WRAP and ALIX. OpenSSL security fix is also included. There will be no more update on 0.5 series unless there is critical fixes. Voyage Linux 0.6 development has been started but it will only be available as daily snapshot around July/August time frame.

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Debian Security Advisory DSA-1571-1 openssl

It is discovered that the random number generator in Debian's openssl package is predictable. As a result, cryptographic key material may be guessable.

This vulnerability affects the following Voyage Linux release that were based on Debian Etch:

  • All 0.3 versions
  • All 0.4 versions
  • 0.5.0

You are strongly advised to perform the following procedures to update Voyage of the above affected versions.

1. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list, add the line:

deb stable/updates main

2. Run:

# apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade

Next, follows the information below to regenerate encryption keys and detect comprised keys on your affected systems.

Voyage Linux 0.5.0 released

After an unusual long development cycle, we finally get Voyage Linux 0.5.0 released. This is a new development release and runs with 2.6.23 kernel.

voyage-0.5.0.tar.bz2 [2008-02-29] [Live CD] [README] [CHANGELOG]

Voyage Linux 0.5 stays with Debian Etch and 2.6.23 kernel. We will have one or two updates in 0.5.x in the next few weeks before it is promoted to stable. We have also planned VL 0.6 to use Debian Lenny as base distro.

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Important note when running Voyage Linux 0.5 with ALIX

Voyage Linux 0.5 with kernel 2.6.23 comes with a new implementation of mfgpt code that no longer requires "MFGPT workaround". Hence, TinyBIOS "MFGPT workaround" (available in version >=0.98d) must turn OFF. Otherwise, bootup hang will be encountered. Care must be taken to turn off "MFGPT workaround" if you upgrade from 0.4.1 to 0.5. The problem is discussed in this thread.

Known Issue in Voyage 0.4.1 with ALIX.2/3b boards

It has been identified that Voyage 0.4.1 cannot be booted successfully on ALIX.2/3b board with BIOS version 0.22.

Problem description:
Voyage 0.4.1 kernel has in-kernel, geode-specific codes that enables the multi-purpose general function timer (mfgpt), which is required for the watchdog driver. The kernel code works properly on Alix.1c board. However, the same piece of code does not work on Alix.2b and 3b.

There are three workarounds.
1. Use Voyage 0.4.0 instead of 0.4.1
2. Wait for the BIOS update of ALIX 2/3b for full support of mfgpt. [update: it requires 0.94 or later TinyBIOS]
3. Use ALIX.1c instead of ALIX.2/3b board for running Voyage Linux 0.4.1.

Voyage Linux 0.4.1 promoted to stable

After a week of testing without major issues, Voyage Linux 0.4.1 is now declared as stable. In addition, 0.4.1 adds official support to ALIX boards.

We are planning for 0.5.0 development release and it will based on 2.6.22 or later kernel.

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Voyage Linux 0.4.1 released

We are happy to announce 0.4.1 release. Voyage kernel 2.6.20 in this release finally adds full support of chipset, watchdog and temperature sensors drivers to ALIX board. Soekris 5501 should also be run without problem with this release except that watchdog and IDE DMA mode do not work properly.

voyage-0.4.1.tar.bz2 [2007-07-24] [Live CD] [README] [CHANGELOG]

Voyage Linux 0.4.1 also marks a release candidate for next stable release. Please test and report problems to the community mailing list. If no major issue is found in a week, it will be promoted to stable.

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Voyage Linux 0.4.0 released

Voyage Linux 0.4.0 is released. This is a new development release that adds 2.6.20 kernel and ALIX support.

voyage-0.4.0.tar.bz2 [2007-06-23] [Live CD] [README] [CHANGELOG]

0.4 release introduced new x.y.z version number convention. This release also upgrades madwifi driver to 0.9.3. Current support for ALIX board is limited and only temperature reading is accessible. Please refers to README for ALIX support information.

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