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Voyage Linux 0.3 released

Voyage Linux 0.3 is finally released. In this release, we are happy to announce the added support of Live CD which can also works as PXE server. The Voyage Linux 0.3 release is now available in the following location:

voyage-0.3.tar.bz2 [2007-03-20] [Live CD] [README] [CHANGELOG]

voyage-current will adopt 2.6.20 kernel, and will be rolled out as voyage-0.4pre1 shortly. In this, the release date of voyage-0.4 is now inline with Debian Etch release.

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Voyage Linux 0.3pre3 released

The Voyage Linux 0.3pre3 preview release is now available in the following location:

There are some updates to the kernel source as well as additional kernel modules. Live CD features has also been completed as well. Since Debian Etch has been frozen, we look forward to seeing Voyage 0.3 release around Chinese New Year (mid-late Feb).

Live CD now supports autoinstall

The second development milestone for Live CD has been completed. PXE boot environment now supports automatic install of Voyage Linux to wrap, soekris and generic PC.

You can download Voyage Linux Live CD at:

Live CD and PXE boot server install instructions:

Again, we need your help to test the CD and PXE boot. Live CD will be official when 0.3 is released.

Support and Get Involved!

To get involved to Voyage Linux, there are a variety of ways to participate. Regardless of how you choose to participate, we suggest you join our mailing lists.


If you found Voyage Linux useful or you have been making money by using it, please express your appreciation and encourage further work on this project via donation.

Use and Give Us Feedback

Using the products, reporting bugs, making feature requests, etc., is by far the most important role. Your feedback allows Voyage Linux to evolve.

Promoting Voyage Linux to wider attention
To promote it a wider attention, the first thing is to let your surrounding people knowing this project and to have them using it. The second thing is having more people joining the community, especially some contributors to give idea and volunteers to enhance it.

Contribute Code, Patches or Documentation

You are welcome to contribute code, patches or even just documentation. If this is the type of role you'd like to play, here are some steps (in addition to the ones above) to get you started:

Voyage Linux Live CD

To test drive Voyage Linux, Live CD provides a faster and easiest way. The Live CD is also installable to hard disk and can be served as a PXE boot server for net-booting Voyage Linux on remote machine. Currently, the Live CD is a 46MB ISO image and contains a whole Voyage Linux distribution! (Thanks to Debian Live, squashfs and aufs).

Visit download page to see all Live CD versions.

See below for instructions on using Live CD.

Live CD install instructions:

PXE boot server and install instructions:

You can download daily Voyage Linux Live CD at:

It is preferred to use one of our mirror sites for faster download.

The most convenient way to test drive Voyage Linux is running the Live CD on VMWare, VirtualBox or QEMU. Follow the link to download the virtual machine software for Windows.

Currently, the Live CD is built daily, so there would be some occasions that the Live CD may break. An official Live CD will be provide at the same time an official release is rolled out.

Voyage Linux 0.3pre2 released

The Voyage Linux 0.3pre2 preview release is now available in the following location:

voyage-0.3pre2.tar.bz2 [2006-12-05] [README] [CHANGELOG]

The current state of 0.3pre2 is very close to official release. Unfortunately since the delay of etch release [1], the release date of voyage-0.3 will put back one more month. If Debian etch is lucky, we could have voyage-0.3 around X'mas or New Year time. In the meantime, please start QA 0.3pre2.


Voyage Linux 0.3pre1 released

The first preview release (voyage-0.3pre1) of Voyage Linux 0.3 is now available in the following location.

voyage-0.3pre1.tar.bz2 [2006-11-17] [README] [CHANGELOG]

The final 0.3 release is scheduled at Dec 2006, shortly after Debian r4.0 (etch) is released. It now requires 128MB CF to install. Please also note that voyage.update is now in usr/local/sbin.

Voyage Linux 0.2 released

After 9 months of development, Voyage Linux 0.2 is finally released and is available at the below location:

voyage-0.2.tar.gz [2006-04-05] [README] [CHANGELOG]

I hope 0.3 release will have a shorter development cycle. It will also switch to another kernel source. It either uses newer debian kernel or 2.6.15 ubuntu kernel. 0.3 may also see the possibility using Debian etch as base since the packages in sarge has been out-of-date quite a lot.

The installation CD of Voyage Linux 0.2 CD is now available in the following location:

voyage-0.2.iso [2005-04-05]

The customized voyage-mesh distro can be found at:


Announce New Mirror

It is pleased to announced that you can download Voyage Linux from any of our mirrors.

Master Mirror

Primary Mirror

Asia Pacific


North America

The mirror contains two parts, the download and voyage apt-repository.

For distro download:

http://<mirror URL>/download/voyage

To use mirror apt-repository, just switch to:

deb http://<mirror URL>/dists/unstable ./

Voyage Linux 0.2pre4 released

Voyage Linux 0.2pre4 is now released and is available at the below location:

voyage-0.2pre4.tar.gz [2006-02-25] [README] [CHANGELOG]

0.2 will be released very soon. What needs to be done is to wait for a stable madwifi-ng driver and finished the rest of customization script.

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